Alimentos Mimma para tu perro y gato

Un DOGLOVER y un CATLOVER siempre busca lo mejor

Premio Kitty

Complete wet food for cats. Delicious meatloaf, grain free.

Carnitas Gourmet

Premium snack based on highly digestible protein.


Delicious meat bites that provide highly digestible protein.

Premio Doggy

Complete wet food for dogs. Delicious meatloaf, grain free. It contains pieces of meat.

Chewy Toys

Dental snacks that maintain optimal oral health and reduce anxious.

Chicky Chics

100% dehydrated chicken breast that maintains the natural flavor and aroma


Delicious snacks of meat and chicken liver, in the form of a cocktail sausage.

Carnitas Gourmet

Hypoallergenic meat snack, based on pork and beef meat.


Delicious meat snack that provides highly digestible protein.


Deliciously crunchy cookies flavored with rice and meat, in a fun bone shape.

Lemon Balm Croookies

Functional cookies formulated with natural ingredients that reduce and control your pet's stress.

Parsley Croookies

Functional cookies specially formulated for the care of your dog's oral health.

Oregano Crookies

Functional cookies that combine natural ingredients and keep your pet's intestinal tract intact and healthy.

Basil Croookies

Functional cookies formulated for the optimal care of your pet's skin and hair.