Lemon Balm Croookies


  • 200 gr.

Your best friend, relaxed! Functional biscuits, specifically formulated to reduce the negative effects of stress on your pet.

They have a specific mix of additives that act synergistically, allowing you to reduce and control your best friend’s stress, relax them and keep them calm, naturally.

Use: consume periodically for at least 15 days to visualize its benefits in a better way.

crookies toronji



Contains lemon balm extract and soluble magnesium, which together reduce the negative effects of stress and anxiety on your pet.


It contains trypophane, a natural precursor of serotonin known as "the hormone of happiness".

Mascota amada y feliz

Its consumption is recommended preventively, before situations that generate stress for your dog.

Fuegos Pirotécnicos

It does not represent a significant caloric intake.

Bajo aporte calórico
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Recommended amount

Tamaño de la mascota Porción máxima
Toy (hasta 4 kg.) 1
Mini (hasta 7 kg.) 3
Muy pequeño (hasta 10 kg. 4
Pequeño (hasta 15 kg.) 5
Mediano (hasta 25 kg.) 7
Grande (hasta 50 kg.) 11
Extra grande (hasta 80 kg.) 16

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