Premio Kitty


  • Premio Kitty chicken and pork flavor 85g.

  • Premio Kitty chicken and pork flavor 170g.

  • Premio Kitty salmon and tilapia flavor 85g.

  • Premio Kitty salmon and tilapia flavor 170g.

Complete grain free food! A delicious meatloaf reinforced with minced meat that can be used as a complete food or as a complementary food, for happier meals.

Use: for adult cats of all breeds, sizes and ages.

Premio Kitty



Made with real meat, as the main ingredient.

Elaborado con carne de verdad.

Meets nutritional levels established by the AAFCO.


Contains Taurine, essential for the health of cats.

Contiene taurina

No contiene granos, ideal para gatos con alergias alimentarias.​

Granos Free
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Recommended amount

Premio Kitty Paté 85g. y 170g.
Tamaño de la mascota Porción máxima
Pequeño (hasta 2 kg) 2
Mediano (de 2,1 a 4 kg) 3
Grande (de 4,1 a 6 kg). 4
Extra grande (de 6,1 a 8 kg) 5

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