carnitas gato



  • Carnitas 100g.

Meat bites! They contain highly digestible protein and a delicious flavor given by the meat with which they are made.

Use: for adult cats of all breeds, sizes and ages.


Carnitas Gourmet

Contains Taurine, an essential amino acid to care for your cat's vision, good digestion, heart function and proper functioning of the immune system.

Contiene taurina

Dehydrated product at controlled temperatures to preserve the nutrients, flavor and aroma of the product.

Producto Deshidratado

High protein content. Each stick contains a minimum of 16% protein.

Alto contenido protéico cárnico

No artificial colors, added fats or waste. Low caloric intake.

Bajo aporte calórico
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Carnitas Gourmet

Recommended amount

Carnitas 100g. y 250g.
Tamaño de la mascota Porción máxima
Mediano (desde 3.5 kg) 22
Grande (desde 3.5 kg a 6.5 kg) 25

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Carnitas Gourmet

Premium snack based on highly digestible protein.


Delicious meat bites that provide highly digestible protein.