Tips for transporting your dog or cat safely in the car.

Going on a trip and want to take your pet with you? The best experiences are lived with those we love the most and that includes our best 4-legged friends. Here are some tips to help you plan that long-awaited trip without a hitch.

  • Make sure your dog or cat wears its identification tag at all times.
  • Before the trip, take your pet on short trips to get them used to the car.
  • Never place your pet in the trunk of the car, there is no adequate temperature or ventilation and it can cause a very negative effect on their health, including death.
  • Use a special vehicle harness or a kennel suitable for their size.
  • In the case of cats, they must be in the kennel at all times. If you see that your cat is very nervous, you can cover its kennel with a thin towel.
  • Likewise, when taking your cat on a new trip, we recommend that you wash its transport box thoroughly, as traces of alarm pheromones from previous trips may remain, causing stress.
  • In the case of dogs, stops should be made every 2 hours for them to move their legs, relieve themselves and drink water.
  • We recommend that the last meal be eaten at least 6 hours before the trip to avoid nausea. In case she gets hungry during the trip, you can opt for a light snack, such as Mimma’s Bones or dry food.
  • 15 days before the trip you can offer Crookies Lemon Balm, its formulation has a relaxing and de-stressing effect on your dog, perfect for these occasions.

As a last tip, think about whether it is really the best option to take your pet on a trip. To make the best decision, analyze important factors such as: age, general health, weight, or personality (is it good at adapting to changes?).

Have fun on your trip! Remember that you can share your photos with us on our social networks, you can find us as @mimmaec