The importance of offering snacks to my pets

Emilio Armendáriz, Veterinary and Zootechnician.

It has been thought that snacks are only for humans. However, over time, we find a wide variety of HEALTHY SNACKS on the market. These products are undoubtedly positive to strengthen the relationship with our pets, train them, complement their nutrition and offer them an alternative so that they can enjoy their conventional food more.

It is important to know that not all snacks will have a positive effect on your pet, therefore, we must choose those that have high protein and/or vitamin values, which in turn have low caloric percentages.  

When we talk about a functional snack, we take it for granted that it will have a positive effect on the pet as long as it is constantly offered. In addition, it should be emphasized that they should not be used for medicinal purposes. 

To achieve all these positive effects in your pets, I invite you to try all the snacks and wet food of the Mimma brand, which will always be focused on the nutrition and happiness of your best friend. 

Author: Emilio Armendáriz, Veterinarian and Zootechnician.